Newsletter September 2011

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Welcome to the official start of Communication Networks inaugural Newsletter. We at Comnet strive to provide our clients and potential clients with up-to-date innovations, specials and new ventures the company is currently going through and  provide you, with sound piece of mind that you are getting the first, and last word in after sales service and the latest in cutting edge technology on the Two Way Radio front.

New Innovations:

Due to the ever changing business and economic climate, we at Communication Network are always looking for new innovations to add more value to our service and products. Various ventures have been undertaken to emphasis this point. We have recently introduced a new side to our brand, boasting CCTV, Access Control, GPS tracking and voice recording to our ever expansive range to stay ahead in the communication frontier.

Two Way Radio communication, along with technology is ever evolving and a new evolution has arrived. Introducing Digital Radio Communication.

comnet radio Professional  digital radio communication offers capabilities that other mobile technologies cannot. These advantages make it the clear choice for mobile organizations that require an affordable, flexible, highly reliable solution. To show our support to the boks, this system is currently being utilized by Springbok medical and couching staff to aid in the retention of their trophy.

New Radios in-store:


Along with the new digital equipment in store, Kirisun, a fairly new brand to South African shores, still playing in the analogue arena has released a new portable radio which has GPS capability, the PT 7200 portable. As it may suggest, the handheld device has a built in GPS unit allowing users to be monitored in case of emergency or if the user is in need of assistance.


Introducing a merge of technologies! Two way radio communication meets Bluetooth!

In this digital era, we here at Comnet are 100% behind the Bokke and the retention of their trophy.


Go Bokke

For any enquiries, contact us and speak to qualified individuals about any of our services or products!

Jarryd Owen Kensley

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